Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How did we tie?!

We fought so hard last night! We scored first and early but to my surprise we didn't pull out a win, we didn't lose, but we did tie.  If you have been following the blog you have have read about us winning the last 3 games in a row! We have been on fire recently, if I must say so myself.  I love it, adult coed recreational soccer that is.  I went shopping for some new gear to prepare for our game, over at Dick's Sporting Goods.   They were super friendly and gave me all the advice I needed on which new soccer ball would withstand the normal wear and tear.  I ended up getting the new bright blue Nike soccer ball.

For all my Soccer needs
I also bought these really comfy ADIDAS soccer socks and pink athletic tape to hold my socks up. Oh and I bought a mouth guard that forms to your mouth with a 10,000 Warranty!!  I gave my old deflated soccer ball to my dog General. haha He has already torn it up! haha.

So I made my mouth guard to form to my teeth and then, wouldn't you know, after all that I forgot to wear it during the game.  So, going back to the game.  I warm up now with my friend Kathleen, and she is sweet as pie.  Getting lots of touches on the ball is so important and you want to make sure you do that before the game because you never want your first touch to be during the game because no one will pass to you if you mess up too much ;)

Soccer is a game about trusting your teammates to complete passes to other players successfully when you give them the ball.  If you don't have confidence in someone during a game you will not likely pass them the ball, or if you are new on a team.  You kind of have to earn people's respect on the field, marking players, defending the players, getting to the ball first, passing successfully and accurately.   All of these things go into making a good player.  But it doesn't matter how good you are, you need to be able to have the trust of the other players on your team.  So I am glad my teammates trust me.

Me and Raul scored goals early in the game and I was feeling much better from my mini injury last week and then the other team tied it up then they score then we scored.  So the score at the end of the game was 4-4 because my goal, as a woman counts for two.  To be fair, they had a really good keeper!  I remembered him,  he looks slow but was just the opposite, he was quick!!!  We had many chances but just couldn't pull out a win, maybe next time!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seriously, you want to take a bath, too?!

General Rebel Lee
Most dogs don't understand why they can't do everything people do, which leads me to believe they don't realize they are not people.  Dogs want all the food we eat, if I have food they want it.  If I am cooking they think they can help.  If I take a shower they want to come in.  If I dry my hair they think they should have their hair dried too.  General Rebel Lee and his mom, my other dog, Ruby Leigh Rebel are two of the cutest Vizslas you will ever see. 

Ruby Leigh had a litter of 10 puppies, and General is one that we kept and my mom kept another one, named Amberley Rose.  If I go swimming they want to go swimming.  If I am getting into my car they want to go into my car for a ride.  It is safe to say they don't understand that they are any different than me.
from top clockwise: Ruby, General, Amberley

Going up the stairs to the attic
This picture is from our lake house and you can clearly see I had a circus dog, who can balance on all four paws on the railing.  Here Ruby Leigh was looking at a tree and she obviously wanted a closer look.  General does similar things like trying to climb stairs going up to the attic.  Granted, he doesn't get all the way up, but these dogs are adventurous and have good balance!  I love my dogs and as you can see they go where ever I go!

Imagine with a toy in their mouth

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Federer takes a Big Win at Wimbledon

Roger Federer is looking strong at Wimbledon
Roger Federer looked really strong in his Sunday game against Nalbandian 6-4, 6-2, and then 6-4.  I'll be honest I didn't realize it had started and I tuned in during this game in round three.  I hope to follow the rest of the tournament as I like tennis and Wimbledon is one of the most famous tournaments in the game.

Unfortunately Andy Roddick, on the other hand, lost big time.  He said in a press conference that he felt like he did a good job and he didn't do as well.  He said he's played worse and done better in the past. He lost 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 to Feliciano L√≥pez of Spain.

People were also surprised that the Williams sisters Venus and Serena didn't play doubles.  They said it shows how serious they are about their single games.  Venus is passionate about her clothing line, she was wearing a jumper, but the British call sweaters jumpers, so they were confused as to why she was calling it that.

Venus Williams shown here in her clothing line.

Tennis is such a nice sport.  I really enjoy playing it too.  I have a tennis court in our neighborhood and I got Kyle a racket to play with me and we had so much fun playing a couple weeks ago.  I won but he is still really good.  I need to work on my serve for sure, mainly the toss.  You have to have a good toss to make a great serve!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We All Bleed Red

At the Ole Miss Atlanta Alumni Event in Chastain Park, GA

The title of this post is from a new song by Ronnie Dunn "Bleed Red" about different type of people all really the same because we bleed red when cut.  That is kind of how I felt today at the Mississippi Colleges Alumni Event in Chastain Park today.  There were representatives from all the Mississippi Colleges and wouldn't you know everyone had a tent. 

I went with my husband Kyle to my left and Laura and her friend Michael, pictured above. Laura is a dear friend and we celebrated our college and school spirit at the annual Mississippi college Alumni Event.  We were both in the same sorority there and we have the best memories.  I like that we were all color coordinating and wearing reds/pinks and blues.  You know pink is one of my favorite colors.

The event was catered by some different places: McAlister's provided the home-style sweet tea.  Sugaree Bakery provided the delicious caramel cake, and there was of course Mississippi fried catfish, hush puppies and french fries.  It was yummy for sure!

The best part was just talking with Laura and hanging out in the shade under a summer tent listening to the band play in the background.  They were playing all sorts of music!  Reminded me of being back in the Grove.  There is nothing quite like the Grove, but it was nice to see all the Mississippi schools represented there.  Bringing a taste of MS to GA was definitely a good time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Gliz and Glitter

Fireworks at Turner Field after the Atlanta Braves Game
If you or your favorite female is like me, most of us love things that sparkle and shine!! I know I do. So, I wanted to post this picture onto my blog and do a post about the Shinier Things in Life.  I was at the Braves game recently with my family and we were there on a Friday Night.  Well, the Braves do a couple specials throughout the week and the one for Friday's is Firework Friday's and let me tell you I am a BIG FAN, I Love Braves Country.  Nothing says Living the Dream (LTDexperience fan page on FB) like Fireworks after America's favorite past time, good ole fashion Baseball!!!

The other promotions they have are All you can eat seats, and buy one get on half price Wednesdays!!  Well we just had the best time every time we go to the game, we get boiled peanuts outside and they let you bring them inside and nothing says Baseball like their foot long hot dog!!  And let me tell you I love some hot dogs at good ole Turner Field watching the one and only Braves.

Pictured here at our seats behind home plate with my husband and my parents!!  Love it!!
The best Braves memory I have is from when I was about 9 or 13, I was and always have been a Humongous Chipper Jones fan!!  I was a young girl and I wrote Mr. Chipper a heart felt letter and in return he sent me a signed rookie card and a picture all on a plaque.  It took a couple weeks but I thought that was the most amazing thing as a young girl I was memorized. It still hangs on my wall today, if only the eager youth and resilience and chance to live for the moment lived in us all the way it does when we were little maybe there would be less regret in the world.

So take that chance, because as I say all the time you have one life to live, so live it to the fullest!!  Do things you have never done before.  Make a bucket list and start crossing things off.  That is my homework!!

Until next time... check out this video of Chipper's hunting camp in Texas on the Double Dime for an exclusive look into his world outside of Baseball.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Pony UP" and "Keeping UP" the Perfect Summer UP DO!!!!

Trying to perfect "Pony Tail Poof"
Hey Everyone,
Jen Here!!  I hope you had a fabulous day!! I did.  It started the other day when I was reading a "hand-me-down" InStyle from the "Queen and Legend of all things Fashionable and Fabulous" AKA my mom, Dr. B!!!  Anyway, I use to not read magazines and such, but now all of a sudden I am a young adult and woman and I am suddenly very interested in every Fashion, Style and Celebrity I come across mainly because I can relate to them.  Some might say I have FINALLY become a target audience!  Well let me tell you the July Edition 2011 of the InStyle shaped this fabulously sexy UP-Do, and my mini shop-til-I-couldn't-hold-anymore Spree today.  I bought Bold Colors and fabulous summer dresses!  I bought things on the hangers that I just had to have for all the fun stuff I get into!  What can I say after reading my magazines I know How to Wear It and What Not to Wear, or at least I think I do ;)  Luckily for me, I don't have Joan Rivers turning me in for Fashion Police, if I mess up!! I guess I am kind of glad I kept out of being a celebrity for now :)  Maybe If I ever get my book off the ground I will get a little 5 minutes of fame,! We can always hope right?!?!?  So we practice our karaoke, practice for premiers, and events by just being ourselves here in the Big Atlanta, and hope some day to walk a true red carpet and someone will want to know where they have seen me from, and it won't be because I look like someone they think they know!! 

So I guess you figured me out, I would love to be famous in and across the Nation, but for now it is Most Certainly A Pipe Dream! I will just keep "Wishing, and Waiting, and After I do..." I think of something to try to get me there.  Until then it's here, signing out!!

P.S.  I Love you Atlanta and all my friends all over the world who keep up with ME!! and what we get into here back home.  I hope you stay safe and if you have anything I can specifically pray for you please send them my way, to:  (notice no g) or post to the blog directly if you feel led and everyone can pray for you. Please be respectful of people's privacy and don't use full names or names at all.  I am more and more in prayer these days and would love to use that power to help you or your loved ones!!!

Playing with a little bit of Pain

Jason Heyward, courtesy of  Getty Images
The legendary Chipper Jones was recently quoted as saying, “What Jason needs to realize is that Jason at 80 percent is a force, and Jason at 80 percent is better than a lot of people in this league. And that there are a bunch of his teammates that are out there playing with discomfort and not healthy, and still going at it.” Some might say he was telling Heyward to play with a little bit of pain.  No, if you are going to hurt yourself further should you play, but sometimes an amazing player is still really good when they are in a small amount of pain!  So I took his advice, here's the full scoop!!!  Enjoy...

Tonight I got stuck in traffic at 8:50 pm going southbound on the interstate, which even for Atlanta OTP (Outside the Perimeter) is unusual, and was running late to the game (I like to warm up, but was still on time for the start).  When I was ready to go in, I was literally on my first offensive run down field when I collided with another player and his knee hit the soft part right above my knee and stepped on my toe and boy did it sting.  So I was subbed out.  I tried going back in after letting it sit for a minute and took one hard kick down field for a pass and BAM, the pain was back. So I subbed out.
Then I got some ice, I rested for a minute and then before you knew it, it was half time.  I asked the keeper if I could take some shots on him to gauge the threshold for how hard I could realistically kick the ball without killing my knee!  He might have appreciated the extra practice too, who knows?!

Nagravision soccer team pulls out another victory!
Well the second half was my time to shine, I went back in and keep in mind this was a really close game.  My friends on my Nagravision company sponsored team had them close, so it was still a pretty good game.  The referee wasn't calling fouls like I would have liked so the players on BOTH teams were having to be really aggressive, which is also unusual in a recreational league!  But I really got into it the second half.  We were passing really well and when Marta passed the ball to one of our guys on offense I made sure to be in good position by the goal.  He passed to me and I made a clean strong one touch shot to score for our team.  Since I am a female in a co-ed league my goal along with other woman counts for two!  So we secured our win, and I played through a little bit of pain.  We ended up winning that game 6-3 and we also have won the last three games in a row!  What can I say we are hot right now on a winning streak!  I am just very thankful to play with such classy players!

Showering our friends with Love

Leigh Peacock's wedding Shower; I love the beautiful summer colors.
The thing I love about Leigh is she has the best heart.  She is the most sincere friend and young woman that anyone can be lucky enough to know and adore. She had a Bridal Shower the other day and it was my pleasure to attend.  The ladies involved with hosting the party really did the most amazing job, see example below.  The truest testimony of how much they all appreciate Leigh and how we are all so happy for her!

Peacock flower arrangement was incredible
Leigh was quite touched that they went to such lengths to make everything so remarkable and the presentation was just breath taking!!  Everyone deserves to feel like a princess when they get married and showers are so special to any bride-to-be.

I know at my shower I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have friends who care so much to just come and be a part of my celebration in the union to my now husband.  Gosh it is almost a year since I was married and I think exactly a year since all of my showers (2). 

The next picture is my favorite picture of all time.  Leigh and her fiance took this picture over seas I think at the very restaurant that the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp was modeled after.  And let me just say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Sharing a piece of Spaghetti, just like the movies!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soccer is my Passion, What are you Passionate About?!?!

It was all smiles after I scored a goal for my team.
You hear people all the time say do what you are passionate about.  Do what makes you happy.  When are you at your best?  As a woman in my twenties I can happily tell you I am at my best when I am playing a sport, most notably soccer!!!

Most people have heard of ADIDAS, but do you know what it really stands for?  All Day I Dream About Soccer, this is true for athletes all over the world.  Here in North East Atlanta on any given night is no different.  All different types of players from semi pro to recreational players to youngsters just trying to have a good time.

For the last couple games we were not doing the best. But tonight, as you can see from my smile, we were winning for a change.  We were up 4-0 at half and people said we can't let up because about two or three weeks ago we were in the same position and we ended up losing 4-5.  So I told everyone, it's like running a marathon, you have to try to play harder the second half just like you run faster the second half of a marathon.  It's called negative splits, in running.

Well the second half started and we scored a couple of goals, just like I had hoped.  But then they scored and started to look like they were having a come back, but then we scored.  The game ended up being 9-4 with our team winning.  It was the best possible outcome we could hope for during a game.  I will say the other team was very aggressive and made things difficult for us.  One thing that helped us is we had a couple girl goals and they count for two when their goals were all guy goals, only worth one. Life is rough.

So that was my night, soccer with my team, sponsored by Nagravision.  Thanks everyone for coming out!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

BBQ, Daisy Dukes and the Old Blue Truck

Enjoying the rustic scenery outside the restaurant
When life gives you a warm summer day, the only logical thing to do is go to get some delicious BBQ.  Kyle and I went to a new place called J.D. BBQ.  The food was some of the best I have had in a long time.  We had fried pickles for an appetizer, one of our favorites.  Then for the main meal I ordered Ribs, Brunswick Stew, and a side salad.  Let me tell you: the ribs were so juicy!!! OMGosh, yummy.  I still think J.R.'s in Norcross has the best Brunswick Stew but this one was pretty good.  The ribs were worth it.

J.D.'s BBQ only cooks over wood giving a hickory smoked taste that is to die for.  Kyle enjoyed the chopped Pork, Ribs, fried corn on the cob, and Brunswick stew.  Let's just say we took some home because the portion was over one serving!

Courtesy of the J.D. BBQ website
Yum yum!  This is just an example of the delicious food you can find here!  The atmosphere is really chill and it is super casual.  Obviously I wasn't dressed up!  Perfect for a Sunday late lunch.  I hope you had a great Sunday! 

"Get a Hold of Yourself, Jennifer"

Warning Very Authentic:

This is what I felt inside of me.  I was going through a personal struggle.  It wasn't quite depression, but I was definitely down on myself...

A little back story on the last couple months:

I was feeling a little down for a few reasons and was having some trouble physically being motivated to get some things done.  I did get up and brush myself off but I wasn't satisfied.  Many people might be able to relate to this if they were unemployed or if it's winter or if it is raining.

I am the type of person who gets energized by other people.  So in a job where I was working from home, it wasn't exactly all I thought it would be. 

But luckily I have people who love me.  My loving compassionate husband did everything he could.  He loved me as Christ loved me.  He gave me the encouragement I needed and talked some sense into me.  He said if you are not happy then quit or talk to your boss.  Get another job.  But do what will make you happy.

I love the company and want to succeed, but the job I was in wasn't working.  So I talked to my boss and we thought it would be better if I worked on different assignments. 

Then the next step was to get a part time job where I could have a lot of personal interaction and do what I love, jewelry sales.  So this is how I got a hold of myself.  One step at a time I pieced my life back together, I started working out again, I brushed myself off, I put my best foot forward and took a stand.

So the moral of the story is there are ups and downs in life and now I am on my way back up!!

Seeing the light through the trees, or the "forest instead of just the tree"
Thanks for all the support you have given me and all of the encouragement through emails and love, I hope this entry inspires you to do what you need to do to get a hold of your life if you need to do it.  God loves you and hears your prayers!!! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Margarita and Sangria Party

This party is something I look forward to every year, this was our second party ;)  First you send out the invite weeks in advanced.  Then you have to buy all the supplies you need for the party.  Then you have to tidy up a little bit for company.

You make the sangria, cut the fruit, test it.  Make non-alcoholic sangria, pigs-in-a-blanket, watermelon (because it's summer time), cookie cake (with a special thanks to the Navy Seals), meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, put the chips out., make sure the house looks great and light the candles to give a special elegance.

Then wait.

We waited until almost an hour after the party was suppose to start before the first guest arrived.  I told Kyle that no one wanted to be the first ones to the party.  My neighbor was suppose to come but she didn't think we were having the party because she didn't see anyone here when it was suppose to be happening.

By 10 pm the house was hopin though!!!

Some of the beautiful woman at the party.
Time just flew by and we had the absolute best time! 

The guys were all camped out on the couch watching Baseball.  Go Braves!

I love these woman they are all sweet as pie and mean so much to me.  I was so excited that they could all make it to the party!  As you can see the puppies enjoyed their time with the guest.