Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Day for a Working Sales Girl

Today was a big day... a Subaru dealership representative came into our office for a tour from my hard work. The whole thing happened because of a cute black terrier. I was about to leave the Infiniti dealership at Gwinnett and I saw the cutest little black terrier in the office of a man. I told Steve that his dog was so adorable and went on to let him know how great it is that he can bring his dog to work. At that moment a woman walked up to say, "Well he should be able to bring his dog to work, since he makes up the rules." I went on to tell him about the mom an son dog Vizsla pair. I told him how we bred the dogs and how they are just so sweet and loyal. I then mentioned that we sell a custom automated invisible electric trailer hitch. Then he told me, "Well today is your lucky day!" I replied that, "I needed a lucky day!" He gave me Herb's number, their service manager who was conveniently looking for a trailer hitch to accompany their new camper line they are rolling out at their dealership! Their campers come in different sizes for a twin bed, a queen bed, and a king size bed. It also has an attachment for a, if not our, bike rack.

Well when I met with Herb he was really interested into what I had to say about our trailer hitch and was, like most people, very impressed with our design. We had a really good meeting in his office, then when I called and followed up with him he asked if he could come into the office and have a tour of our facilities. So, today was the day he wanted to come in and take a good look around. It was perfect timing that my dad's BMW was in our office today getting a hitch put on it, so Herb could really see how it all works. Herb is such a nice friendly guy, it was a pleasure showing him around. After the tour, which went really well, we talked about our new facility we are thinking about moving into and getting one of their cars and campers to display in our show room with our trailer hitch on it. I was so excited that my work with this company is already starting to pay off after only a month and a half of working with this company. The coolest thing about the new building is what we are going to do in the huge parking lot! I'll give you a hint, it is the same thing we did in our locations in other countries over seas... Hang a Jeep by a hitch on a crane, a CRANE! I mean how neat will that be to describe where we are located, and say, "Oh yeah, just look for the Jeep hanging in the air and turn in... That's my office!"

Being in sales is what I believe in my heart I was born to do. That is God's thumbprint on my soul. With this hitch I get so excited about the product and what we can deliver to our clients. A better quality disappearing hitch that is stronger, safer, and doesn't force a ugly bumper cut out! What more could you ask for?!

My family and I celebrated my birthday last night at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered the most delicious Pear and Endive Salad. It came with a vinaigrette and it was very satisfying as the salad was so huge. There were even left overs! Then we ate some carrot cake, carrot cake is the birthday cake I always get for my birthday and my dad does too. I guess I get that from him, my love for turning carrots into cake. Hey, why not, right?! Kind of like turning lemons into lemonade.

Speaking of fresh fruit and drinks, I have been on a virgin mix drink cocktail kick. (Say that 10x fast!) It all started on at my Sangria and Margarita House Warming Party we had a couple weeks ago. I fell in love with Sangrias, and they are so easy to make! OMGosh, yummy! I had some left over frozen raspberries so I added it to some orange juice and Ginger Ale. I like my orange juice with pulp. I feel like people are so different on how they like their orange juice. I like my orange juice with lots of pulp. I get that from my dad too... ;) I love seeing his thumbprint on me too, and I love that my family has let go of me being a lawyer like my dad and embraced me pursuing my own dreams. You know what I am really happy!

My friends have been telling me for a long time that I should either be in PR or sales. Here I am. Here I'll stay. I hope you have a blessed weekend, stay safe and live your own dreams. It may not always be easy, you may not make a ton of money. But money could never buy my happiness and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.