Monday, October 3, 2011

Nothing like a Ocean Sunset & Food for Thought

Waiting for the sunset on the board walk

sun over the water earlier in the day

seconds before the sunset
I had the joy of being at the beach recently and I wanted to upload some more pictures from this amazing trip... You may have seen the pictures of my beautiful friends, well this post is dedicated to the beautiful scene as the sun finishes shining on this side of the world.  It is amazing to me that the world is turning so fast through space but because of our atmosphere and gravity we don't feel any of it!  I was looking at the sky last night and saw all the beautiful stars and it always amazes me.  To me it is such a treasure to know God put all the stars in the sky all the fish in the sea and all the creatures on the Earth and Sky for our ability to explore and discover. 

Even today scientist find new things every day.  They find things from centuries past as we learn about the human race and the knowledge of our ancestors and people all over the world.  It is such a blessing that the Bible is the oldest and most historic document that we have to remind us of how history repeats it self and the stories of the past.  It is so factual that you can visit the actual places that are referenced in the stories that really happened.