Sunday, November 25, 2012

Through Sickness and Health

A True Love will be there for you in sickness and health.  We are in Texas for Thanksgiving and we got to spend time with Kyle's family.  His Grandmother is still in the hospital and his Grandfather is there by her side every day.  They have been married almost 68 years and he has been by her side ever since.

I am so grateful that Kyle has this example of love and loyalty because I think it has prepared him for our marriage.  I am so lucky to be a part of his family because there is so much love.  Everyone is so kind to one another and everyone is so easy going.  It truly has been a relaxing trip.

It feels really good to recharge my batteries after being so busy at work and just the day to day back in Atlanta.  Being here this week has reminded me what is most important in life... Family and Love.  The kind of love that will last through the decades.  That is what I hope to have.  I know we are on our way.

I think some of the secrets I have learned from being married and seeing healthy marriages are as follows:  Be kind to one another and never say anything you can't take back.  Do things that maybe you don't want to do sometimes because you know it will make the other person happy. Communicate constantly about your finances and make sure you are always on the same page about expenses and save for a rainy day.  Give generously to God and his Kingdom because it keeps you grounded in faith.   And, always keep God at the center of your marriage!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Departed

We watched the "Departed" recently and it really got me thinking.  It was so intense and the whole movie is about crime, deception, and living double lives.  It made me really grateful for my simple life.  The movie mainly follows two characters played by Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Leonardo's character comes from a family with a long line of criminals. When he joined the Police Department they basically said he would make a better undercover cop because people would assume he would follow in his family's footsteps.  Matt Damon's character on the other hand came from a good background but he was secretly involved with one of the biggest criminals from a young age.  Matt Damon joined Police Department then became a detective who was trying to catch the criminal.  So Matt Damon was his inside man giving him the heads up at every turn so he wouldn't be caught.

It just made me think about  the difficult lives people have and how so many people can get wrapped up in the wrong crowd and have to pay the price.  When you start going down the wrong path you may not notice at first but then once you get really deep into it, it can be difficult to get out.  That is what happened in the movie and happens in life all the time.  You start to think you are not good enough and you can't ever measure up to be accepted by Christ.

So while it may be difficult in life to get out of difficult situations, it is really easy to become right with God!  You will never be good enough on your own to be right with God, but luckily you don't have to be.  Since Jesus came and died for your sin by accepting him as your Lord and Savior you can have that relationship with God.  The relationship you always wanted.  You can be accepted and forgiven so easily.  It is easy to be forgiven by God but a lot of times for us it is hard to forgive others.  So when someone comes to you that has wronged you, if you have the temptation to hold a grudge remember how easily Christ forgives and accepts you.  It's really that simple to be accepted and forgiven by Christ so why not make it simple for someone else to be forgiven.