Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Space In-between

Kyle in Rio de Janeiro over looking the city

I wish I was there in his arms.  That space was where I should have been. But that is not what happened...

Kyle took a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for his International portion of the MBA program he is doing here in Atlanta.  I had just started a new job and couldn't take the time off, and on top of that there was a presentation to a company we partnered with that I needed to attend the week he was out of town.  So to make a long story short I could not attend the trip, nor would I have been allowed as the program for his school said no spouses allowed.  So I was here and he was there and there was a huge space in-between us.  I think my heart was breaking that first night he was gone knowing he was going to be gone for a whole week.  I really don't know how couples do long distance, maybe if it has always been that way it would be easier.  For me, I need physical closeness and I really missed that. 

The Christ Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This statue is so famous and I had seen it on TV or movies and it looks kind of like a cross which I think is very symbolic.  Kyle told me it was so huge in person, much bigger than it seems in this picture or in the movies.  It is hundreds of feet tall!!!  He was at a distance when he took this picture.  I think it is so beautiful.

It did make me feel better that Kyle said Brazil was over hyped up.  He said that it was also more expensive than he thought it was going to be.  On his trip he went to a Brazilian Steak house and it was about $89 dollars for one person and about two drinks.  The thing you don't realize is they charge for water and you have to drink it because it is unsafe for us to drink their water.  We are just not use to it.  He said there was one time where he felt unsafe and he was even in a group.  Someone at an ATM did manage to steal his credit card number with out actually taking his card, which makes detection hard but he managed to figure it all out before they took too much money and thankfully USAA reimbursed him for the fraudulent charges.

Let's just say he came back a day early, I think he missed me!  What is not to miss?! ;)