Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Days go on, we get older, life apps

I did locks for love right before the New Year and I'll be honest I miss my long hair, but the good cause of Locks of Love out weights the personal satisfaction.  With Cancer in my husband's family the second time around doing Locks of Love was something I knew I had to do again.  It has been a good change, and my husband loves my side bangs I had put in.  I will tell you my hair seems to be growing 2 times faster.  I also have been supplimenting my diet with a Woman's One a Day Vitamin, and also a B Complex vitamin for energy in the morning with a good breakfast.  You need fuel, right?!  Can't live on vitamins alone!

My new job is going really well!  I am loving what I am doing and feel so blessed to just be employed never the less love and passionate about what I am doing.  I have gotten back a lot of structure into my life and am discipline.  I made some serious progress this week and it is only Tuesday!!!

Church has been really good the last two weeks at the Buckhead Church.  We are doing a series called Life Apps.  You can watch live at  or you cam watch the past sermons at then go to messages and current series.  The first message was about Forgiveness and how God forgives us so we should essentially forgive others.  The one from last week was about confessing your sins and not doing them again or being honest with your prayers!  The Bible Andy said also teaches that if you sin against someone you should give them restitution of 120%!  How powerful is that?!

I also have undertaken the art of keeping plants alive.  Spring is here and I went to Lowe's and bought some perennials to fill in the trees the were removed a while back.  My new bushes were planted with the help of Kyle, of course.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lent and My 40 day sacrifice: Fried Food

People's view on Lent differ, but as a Christian I have always done it.  Some people think it is just for Catholics,  I know Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and in light of that I like to "give up" something I love in honor of our Savior.  Maybe the true meaning is to suffer a little in a similar way that Jesus suffered a lot for our sins.  Since we are all sinners the only way we will be right by God is to accept Jesus as our Savior and accept His Grace as we humble ourselves.  We will never perfect and as a Christian we should try to be Christlike but know we need His Grace and Mercy.

But this year, getting back to the season of Lent, I decided to give up fried food: Fried pickles, fried chicken, french fries, buffalo fried chicken and anything else battered and fried.  Let's just say it is already a sacrifice.  Considering I live in the Southern Capital of the World and also the Fried Chicken Capital of the World I hope people can understand fried food is kind of like another food group down here. 

One year I gave up Doritos, another year I gave up ice cream, another year it was desserts all together.  Kyle is giving up something too.  So it is definitely a family affair.

The picture I have posted is a heart attack in the making, it's called the Double Down by KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken.  No bun, no carbs is the idea, lots of protein, right?  Try lots of calories... But This is a good example of fried food at it's greasiest!! Hello South!

Who knows, maybe with this Lent season I will lose the extra couple pounds I gained since being married... haha I'll let you know how it goes, of course.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

One Trip, Lots of ways to Live the Dream

Recently my husband Kyle and I took a quick trip down to Orlando, FL and we were there for two different things: racing and the beach.  Kyle loves Dirt Late Model Racing and I love getting some vitamin D from our glorious sun.  The Racing was really cool and the cars drive around and around on dirt and almost slide as they go around the corner. My hat is in honor of Duayne Hommel H2 Dirt Late Model driver who was injured.  But to Kyle living the dream is going to these races.  Unlike NASCAR, Kyle likes that it is more intimate and the fact that I have trouble pronouncing all the confusing names. I like going to be with Kyle and eat all the delicious race food like the fried dough called elephant's ear with powdered sugar and butter and cinnamon.  I also love the boiled peanuts!  I could eat the boiled peanuts all the time.  Now we are back from our trip and I need to hit the gym.

But for me the best part of the trip was when we drove the hour to Cocoa beach!  Laying in the sand on our Ron Jon's surf shop towels, and all sunscreen lotion up and ready to protect against aging, and it was the perfect weather.  Not too hot, not too windy.  It was just right! I was living the dream on that beach, with my sunglasses on and enjoying the crowd.  There were young families, old families and friends all together.  There were frisbees and kites, and people wind surfing, not to be confused with para-sailing. It was amazing.  It makes me want to go back just thinking about it!  I must say I am blessed! 

Maybe I will close my eyes while I am at the pool this summer and daydream about being at the beach and think back to those moments and remember how awesome it was.  The only thing that could have made the beach better was Georgia sweet tea,  Fl sweet tea the water taste funny, salty.  I suggest bottled.