Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honeymoon Oyster at Crystal Fish, Monterey, CA

You know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words...?" Well this video has it's own non verbal commentary! The picture of the "Honeymoon Oyster" to the left was recommended by our waitress at the Crystal Fish as we told her that we were on our honeymooning. Needless to say, it was not something I will try again. The contents were a raw oyster, salmon eggs, sea urchin, raw quail egg yoke. I should have just swallowed it whole but the mouthful was just too big...

I know...

So on our honeymoon we have had a really good time so far, lots of fun experiences... :) We saw the pink flamingos short and tall at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We saw the seals and the funny thing was there were seals outside the aquarium on a rock formation that were just chillin. It was a beautiful aquarium. They had a whole exhibit dedicated to sea horses, and another just to jellyfish. I have never seen anything like it.

Yesterday we went to Pebble Beach and I got three granite pebbles for our living room. The views there and on the World Famous "17 Mile Drive" were literally priceless. We went there at sunset so I got some amazing photos. A narrow road runs through it with the tallest Cypress Trees standing between some of the countries most expensive and classy homes. The golf course is as spectacular as they say, with a view right over the ocean. There was a cool tree called the ghost tree that looked like a drift wood sculpture, but was just actually just a dead tree that was breath taking.

Earlier we relaxed on the lush grass in a mini park on the Carmel Square with small town cutesy shopping to luxury brands like Coach and Louis Vuitton! I bought a pink sweat shirt because I accidentally forgot any of my jackets, or fleeces. I bought some souvenirs for a couple really special people.

Our condo is a state of the art two bed room with a full kitchen. We wanted to be able to cook breakfast and make lunches. On the way from San Fransisco we passed a road side "Modern Day Success Story" Farmers Market that is open 24/7 with the best fresh big fruits and vegetables we had ever seen. The countryside drive was beautiful, and kind of reminded me of the drive to Chattanooga, TN.

So to make a long story short, I love being married to Kyle and I want to come back to California. Now it is time to get back to Honeymooning with my Husband and living the dream!! ILML!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I Die Young

This goes out to all of the fallen men in women in arm forces. This is such a beautiful song, the lead singer has the voice of a song bird! The video is so poetic and paints a delicate picture. Sometimes I think about death and I always try to live my life to the fullest and never try to have any regrets.

My mom and I have been planning this wedding, and it is next week. To say planning a wedding is stressful is kind of an understatement. I feel like I am really laid back, my dad agrees "to a fault" I am laid back, and even for me it is intense. My mom gets a lot of credit as it is due because she has done a lot of the work, and to that I am forever grateful. I will certainly pay it forward if I have children. My mom has taught me everything I ever need to know about inner strength and the will to carry on through any adversary. She is amazing and I love her with my whole heart, with out her I don't think my wedding to the man of my dreams would be as organized or as elegant as it will be next Saturday night!

I am getting a new last name, sliding the soon to be "old one" to my middle name, kind of crazy. I'm moving this Sunday, I am ready for all of these BIG changes and so content with everything. If I were to die young, I would be happy. But I pray I live a long healthy life with my future husband, Kyle.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scoutmob App

Kyle and I came across a really cool app for the iPhone, called Scoutmob. And by we, I mean Kyle ;) The way it works is you get the app, which is free, you select the city (either Atlanta or NYC!!! get excited!!!) then enjoy the multiple deals daily updated. These deals range from food, to shopping, to drinks, spices, home furnishings, cafe's, things for pets. Today we went to Flying Biscuit in Norcross, a local favorite of ours... and we ordered the eggs over biscuits and covered in gravy. Then on our sides we had sausage and they honestly have the best cheese grits, they are so creamy!!! This is our favorite dish there. The other thing I have had there that is really good is the BLT sandwich with fried green tomatoes!!! I also like their salads.

Yesterday I had a beautiful Bridal Shower at my parents and my friend Mrs. Nancy's house. She lives on a ornately decorated house with fresh flowers and great color and it was just so lovely, even if it didn't have any of my dearest friends there... but it did so it became more like a little piece of heaven.

Amethyst said the blessing and it made my heart smile. We drank juice and some had a splash of champagne! We ate delicacies like homemade spinach quiesce and then I enjoyed the ham and cheese quiesce, along with ripe fresh fruit, and little croissants filled with tarragon chicken salad. For dessert we loved the vanilla cake with raspberry in between the layers and sweet cream cheese icing. YUM!! I know, we ate like queens.

Speaking of Queens my future mother in law Susan found the coolest Queen Bee Pins for the wedding. One for my mom The Mother of the Bride Queen Bee, like maybe a traditional bee pin but wearing white and has a tiara!! Then she got the matching Mother of the Groom Bee Pin for herself!! I absolutely loved it, especially since my mom loves bee pins. Not only are Kyle and I good compliments, our families are compliments, too. It will make for nice holidays.

Still working on getting Kyle's groom gift organized. Details to follow after the wedding in 20 days!! The programs are almost done, and music is done. The dress fits, and just finishing up on some details. Kyle and I are meeting our minister for coffee to go over our last marriage counseling and information regarding our ceremony.

Thank you for all the prayers regarding my mom she is getting better, and resting as much as possible. Please pray for my friends on mission trips in Haiti right now! One has asked that we pray for "good attitudes." For family relationships that they continue to improve and better communication with certain family members. Please pray for Kyle's Aunt as she is battling cancer.

If you have specific prayer request please feel free to post or email me at