Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ever noticed when you are busy you get more done?

Well I have been super busy lately. I started a new job!!! I had been unemployed for a couple months and had plenty of interviews. I was waiting for a job in sales and one that was a good fit! I found a job as a manufacturer representative for Execuhitch. You can check us out on the web at we also have a video link that I will attach in the form of a QR Code. It is a great American company and the trailer hitch is a great product!

We have been decorating the townhouse and putting everything away. We put two dressers together and my desk is put together, all of this from Ikea. I hung so many pictures! some of my friends, some photos from around the world, some of my art, some signs, and a huge print that is of a famous painting. I try to keep a lot of the work mine. The kitchen is red with the art and photographs black and white and the living room is cool colors with the walls a sea blue.

The dogs are getting used to the townhouse. General is getting started on the big adult dog food, switching from puppy food. Ruby is getting used to sleeping in my office and the dogs learned not to get on the couch, the bed or any furniture. Amberley, my mom's dog/my dog's puppy, came for a visit and tore up my red leather bag, broke my glass pallet, and tore up the outside of my wedding guest book!!! She got in big trouble!

My mom's back surgery went really well. She is still recovering but she is able to walk around and use assistance but she is walking!! She is always a fighter and is so strong! I am so amazed with her faith in God and her strength as she leaned into him during her time of need. Our neighbors and friends and some of my family has been so encouraging and loving and it has made all the difference in the world.

I am still writing thank you notes from the wedding. I am about half way done! So thank you for all the support with everything I have going on. Thanks for reading my blog. I try not to overwhelm with information and write about once a week. Usually after the week end.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Meaningless, Meaningless Life?! I think not...

If live is only about what we accumulate and acquire in life, it would all be meaningless. Everything we have in our life will be given to someone else or thrown away. Nothing tangible will last. Our actions and words will be remembered in the everlasting life. How we conduct ourselves in the day to day will matter when we are judged before the Heavenly Father above the sun.

My uncle passed away recently and I was very distraught. My husband and my father both were telling me the same thing. Remember how kind and loving he was, remember him at his best. But there is nothing we can do to change the fact that he is gone forever. Gone for good. My uncle Ronnie was the very best kind of man. The kind of man single woman wish they could marry and the kind of dad some kids only dreamed about. He is survived by three children, my cousins. How hard it must be to have to grow up without a father. My heart and prayers goes out to my cousins. I loved Ronnie.

But in the end the sun will rise and the sun will fall. The moon keeps spinning and the earth keeps turning. The Lord will be feared and his commandments will be kept, because in the end the life eternal is all that is important. How we live our lives is what matters. The things and the money come and go, but a faithful servant will be rewarded with eternal life.

Thank you to The Buckhead Church for a great message that helped in my mourning this weekend

Friday, September 10, 2010

Unpacking and New Married Life

So to wrap up the honeymoon and easy into this new life I have, it has been some adjusting an getting use to being married. The clip here is from the honeymoon and there were so many sea-lions just chillin on these rock buffer into the cove of Monterey. This was probably the best part about the glass bottom boat tour!! Check it out, the lady's voice in the video is awesome, love that accent!

I finally finished unwrapping all the presents from the wedding and from before the wedding. I am well on my way with the custom ordered thank you notes writing to tell our friends how much I love every present! Kyle and I put up three shelves in our red kitchen to put glasses, bowls and vases on... let's hope there aren't any earthquakes in Atlanta! I wanted to design an open shelving space that would compliment the room and let it feel open. This weekend we are having another garage sale. Last weekend being Labor Day we didn't have much of a turn out and we still have a bunch of stuff left. What ever we don't sell is going to Good Will. It is nice to be home and I am getting into a routine. Without having a job I feel like a stay at home wife! I take care of the dogs, make delicious dinners most nights clean up the town house. I just take care of two vizsla dogs instead of kids! To be fair I had three interviews over the last couple weeks and I am waiting to hear back from two of them.

I love being married to Kyle, there is a sense of security and comfort and I feel so loved and desired. It is really nice and we have a lot of mutual respect for one another. I love our community we live in and our gorgeous town house. I feel very blessed, especially since my wedding felt like a fairy tale with me marrying my prince!