Monday, October 25, 2010

Exploring in the Kitchen

I have been up to cooking some yummy treats and dinners with Kyle. We made shish-kabobs for dinner Friday. We made some that had chicken, pineapple, onions, zucchini, and squash. Then we had separate ones for potatoes. We did that because we knew the potatoes had to cook longer. Kyle did a great job manning the grill, we added some of Emril's "Essence" and salt and pepper. You have to have skewers to make it all work. Cook until done and enjoy. The end was a delicious dinner!

We went to Six flags recently and that was a ton of fun. Walking around waiting in line with all your friends is a good time. But when it comes time for the rides, get ready, get set, and go. Don't blink because they go faster than you think and then they are done. My favorite was Superman. You literally fly and soar over the park at speeds greater than 75 miles per hour! What a rush. I tried to win a prize, unsuccessfully. I played this game that you try to get a little ring around the bottle tops. I remember a while ago my dad won me a prize. That was something! Kyle helped me and neither one of us could do it, we were discouraged.

This weekend we were relaxing. We went to a Halloween party on Friday after the shish-kabobs. It was at my friends house, and it was a house warming party. I can't say what I dressed up as because it is not Halloween yet and I still want to keep it a secret.

We also went to the pumpkin patch near our house in Woodstock, called Berry Patch Farms. The experience was amazing. There were hayrides over to the pumpkins, where you can pick out your very own pumpkin! I wanted a tall big pumpkin (it ended up weighing 32 lbs) Kyle's pumpkin was big and round, he kept saying it looked like a tomato. His was 22 lbs. There we bought pie pumpkins perfect for baking pumpkin pies. I sat on a vintage tractor and we got lots of pictures.

Then Saturday I baked two Pumpkin pies from scratch! I used my Joy of Cooking Cookbook, and the result was an amazing compliment. My Mother in Law said, "This is the best pumpkin pie I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!" Considering she is an amazing cook I was very happy! We had both of Kyle's parents over because it was his dad's birthday.

Then Sunday we went to the Falcon's game and they blew it out of the water! I was a big win! We were sitting in the bottom level and it was fun times to be had by all. We went from there to the Buckhead church and the service was amazing. Click here to watch the service on line. I love finishing my weekends that way!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling Satisfied with the Sweet Little Things in Life

Life feels so good when you work hard and reap rewards and see benefits. I have been having so much fun going to all these dealerships in Georgia and selling and Marketing our Execuhitch, Trailer Hitch of the Future. I feel like it is getting a very warm response to everyone who sees it. Getting your foot in the door as a Manufacturer Representative is key. So far, so good. (Knocking on wood).

Kyle is taking a power nap, and then he is going to hit the gym. My sweetheart has really been doing a good job getting really healthy and in shape. We are both staying the night at the Hampton Inn tonight, which is cool. I get kind of lonely when he travels around GA for work, so what do I do? I joined him, you know the saying... So tonight I checked in, and felt cool because Kyle is a Diamond VIP rewards member at the Hampton Inn hotel. Pretty cool. I mean this place is nice: free water, oreos in room, downstairs: free fresh baked cookies and popcorn, and ripe golden delicious apples... I see why he likes this place!!! I certainly don't make cookies every night.

I got a call from Chateau Julien, our winery in Carmel Valley, California, and our wine we picked out on our honeymoon was returned because a wine bottle broke... Bummer I know. Shawn is going to resend our wine and replace the bottle that was broken. They were suppose to be delivered Monday or Tuesday... I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for our delicious German style wine that the French also claim. Gewurztraminer is the name of this fabulous wine! It's a sweet white wine. This vineyard is located in the Carmel Valley near Monterey, CA area and is quite an amazing experience for all types of wine connoisseurs. If you take the tour you get to taste test all the wine for free, see where the grapes are grown, where the barrels are stored, where the wine is made, and ending where you can buy and take home the very best wine. A fun interesting fact is most wine's grapes come from the 7 different terrains in California and many come from Monterey including the wine made in Napa Valley. So the wineries in Napa buy the grapes and then make the wine!! Shawn is great at explaining the history and answering all the questions people may ask. Chateau Julian's number is 1831-622-1524.

Tonight we are going to Ru San's, which has delicious sushi!!! I am really excited. I love the Super Crunch. It is about five rolls into one, fried and sliced, yum I know. So I am going to eat well tonight with my amazing husband, something I never take for granted!!! I feel so blessed...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Road

Since starting my new job I have been learning all about the product. Now I am on the road selling and marketing the product to dealerships and bike stores (we have an amazing Bike Rack to go along with our hitch). So today I am headed to South West Georgia. I am in Columbus, GA right now and was at Union City before that this morning. In Union City the meeting with the Parts Manager went really well! I really like what I am doing and kind of feel like I am meant to be in sales.

For those of you who are wondering about my mom who had major back surgery. She is doing really well. The doctor said if she didn't bend, twist or lift for 3 months since the surgery, she might not have to have this surgery again. I hope she listens to the doctor and has a full healthy recovery. She is able to walk around and walking as much as she can is totally fine.

We are having a house warming party this Friday and I think our house is almost ready. We still have a couple things to hang up around the house, like Blinds and curtains. I am going to make cookies and maybe even pumpkin pie. I am making the homemade guacamole and Rotel, buying some salsa and chips to go with everything. We are expecting a pretty good turn out. The puppies are doing well and hopefully they will be good at the party.