Monday, January 30, 2012

Where will 2012 take us?


Jasper Johns "Map" 1961 with Karlie and Laura at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA
Life is a journey and we are all along for the ride.  We create our own path and sometimes it feels like we are lost in the dark.  Sometimes it feels like we are just passing through with a temporary situation.  Sometimes we try to think about our future or where we will be, but we really have no idea what will happen or what is in store.

I feel comforted to know that the Lord is always with me.  The Lord's love gives me peace and I feel like I have a path that is lit  by grace.  All I have to do is remain humble and ask for the forgiveness we all desperately need in our lives.  I have been faithful in the small things and the Lord keeps blessing me with more responsibility and more blessings.

Every joy in our lives should be treasured.  I am not talking about material things. I mean loved ones, friends, and the experiences we will treasure that will last us a life time.

I have no idea what 2012 will have for me, but I am grateful for the blessing of being alive.  Life is the biggest blessing of all.  The chance to become a better person.  The opportunity to help someone in need.  The blessing and peace to have the Lord in your heart.  The courage to endure when you are confronted with a trial.  The memories that only come from living life to the fullest.  And the passion for the love of life to get caught up in the moment to never care if you are the only one dancing!

This year I hope that my spirit is a light that shines so bright I will glow.  I want to always have my rain boots nearby so I dance and twirl in the rain.