Friday, February 10, 2012

Love and Heroes Persevere

There are times in my life I can remember, when I was so discouraged, concerned about what people thought of me, but most of all embarrassed with my situations and or mental health.  The best part of these times and the things that get me through it is Love.  The Love of my family, friends, doctors, teachers and coworkers has helped me through some very tough times!  For that, I thank all of you!!!!  I hope you know how much you all have meant to me and the amazing influence you have had in my life.
None of these incredible people let me feel sorry for myself.  They are some of the most positive people I have ever known.  Your encouragement has given me strength to never give up.   I can be positive because I have the Love of these people and I know the Love of the Lord.  How the Lord is perfect in his Love for each of us.  People need to just be Loved no matter what.  Through a relationship with Jesus you can be surrounded by his Love. People need someone to believe in them, when we don’t believe in ourselves.  The Lord doesn’t and will never give up on us, even in our darkest days. 
People need someone to say: “Everyone has something they are going through or dealing with in their own lives.” When we seem excited or surprised when someone likes us, it brings confidence to say, “What’s not to like?” something my mom has always said.  People need someone to remind us about our good qualities when we get hurt emotionally.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is to just hold someone when they are balling their eyes out. Sometimes we need to hear “take things one day at a time.”  Sometimes we need to stop, and be grateful for our blessings. When we are going through a trail the best thing to do is to think about how “one day this too shall pass,” something my Aunt says about her cancer.
Being brave means so many things to me.  When I think of the brave people I know, they don’t give up or stop pursuing their mission.  Bravery doesn’t waiver in its beliefs or goals. Heroes don’t stop or give up when faced with adversity.  They pursue.  They persevere.  They only think of succeeding, they are relentless in doing whatever seemingly impossible task they are undertaking.
A person in armed forces, those who protect, and public service personnel these are my heroes.  People that have not given up on all possible solutions to live a healthier life, these are my heroes.  For every man, woman or child that has been abused, or is an addict and works through the recovery process, these are my heroes.  People who forgive someone, even if it is unhealthy to have them in your life, these are my heroes. 
The news and media are filled with terrible things, and exploiting people’s misfortune.  What is rarely on the news are millions of people all over the world that make it a place I love to live in every day. A place where there is hope, love, and grace.  The Lord blesses us and those who work in his name by giving us the ultimate gift… eternal life.   

The best part, it doesn’t cost a thing.