Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All Dogs go to Heaven

There is nothing better than coming home to a dog.  No matter how long you are gone they always seem so happy to see you.  They give you a big sniff down probably wondering where you have been.  They wake up and want to play, happy it’s morning.  They are loyal and love you.  It seems the times they tear stuff up is because they are frustrated that you are gone or ignoring them.  They usually just want your attention, they need love back.

I have always grown up with dogs.  They have become part of our family and we would do whatever we could to keep them healthy, and get whatever they need if they get sick.   Taking care of a dog definitely forms an attachment and creates a very special bond.

Recently my Aunt Nancy lost her beloved Jack and listening to her story broke my heart to hear the pain she is going through.  I love her and to hear about how Jack died so suddenly of cancer at only 10 years old just makes me sad.  It always seems harder to grieve the loss because we are the ones who have to go on living.  The one who has passed away is in paradise but we will miss them and no matter how long they were with us, it just never seems like enough time.

I imagine Jack is in Heaven getting a big belly rub from Jesus and is no longer in pain.  I pray for Aunt Nancy and Eddy that they remember Jack and the pain of the loss doesn’t hurt as much.  It also is so encouraging to hear Aunt Nancy and her strong faith in God and how she simply says, “God is still good.”  She reminded me that God saves every tear and when we are hurting he is hurting with us.  He mourns when we mourn.  He cries with us and his heart breaks with ours.  We love you Jack, R.I.P.