Monday, November 16, 2020

A Hug Later

Photo credit: Bazemore Photography

I had this dream the other night. It really got me thinking long term about my relationship with my son… and how it will change as he gets older. 

"A Hug Later" 
James was going to summer camp. I somehow missed the quick goodbye. Then, I saw him on an open-air bus being driven off by the counselors. I yelled out and got them to stop. 

I asked James once if I could have a hug? He started to look conflicted, like he wanted to come give me a hug but it was awkward with everyone watching. The other kids were all quiet and watching how this would play out. 

One of the counselors whispered, "Don't push it or the other kids could make fun of him." So, I said, "It's okay. You can give me a hug later." He looked a little relieved and said, "Okay, later." Then he turned and they all drove off.

Photo credit: Bazemore Photography

I try not to miss all the little moments and opportunities for connection when they arise. I try not to miss the little moments when he just wants to love on me and snuggle up with me. 

I often give in to the moments when he just wants, "One more story, just a quick one". I try to be there in the moments when he, "needs a little help, though" even when he wants “to do it all by [himself]". I try not to miss these moments because they are passing faster than I realize. 

So, get your hugs now before they drive off, "Later".