Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Day Affair

Duke William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge
Today Prince William and Kate Middleton married becoming Duke William of Cambridge and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge.  It certainly was quite the Royal Affair!!!  People came from all over the world to watch the event or watch them ride by them.  Millions tuned in to watch everything live or recorded.  It was such a beautiful ceremony and what about the hats?  So many beautiful hats!  Including Victoria Beckham and her handsome husband David Beckham, the well known soccer star, were in attendance looking to the nines! 
Victoria and David Beckham looking great, as usual.

Also in attendance was Sir Elton John, who looked great.  The fans outside were amazing.  They said they were expecting 200,000 but there looked like there was way more than that. 

One of the coolest things was the way the horses rode together and were accompanied by real war soldiers from Iraq.  These are true heroes who came home and now were marching in unison to Buckingham Palace.  The people filed in and everyone was waiting for the palace balcony moment, where there was the anticipated First Kiss!

The moment was scheduled for after 25 after the hour and the crowd appeared silent!  The newly married couple came out from the palace and waved the the crowd.  Then Duke William of Cambridge said 1, 2, & 3 and BAM the kiss seen round the world.  The crowd roared and then in a moment the jets flew over and he said "come on one more" and BAM another KISS!!!

Now they will have a luncheon given by the Queen and then dinner and dancing tonight!  It certainly is a dream come true for any woman to marry the future King. I remember being a little girl dreaming about it, and here she is living out that dream.  I am so happy for the new Duchess of Cambridge!! She is certainly classy and worthy of the fame and title!

Logic vs. Passion... Which One are You?

I have been pondering lately through interaction with married friends and couples there are usually two different types of people in a relationship- logical ones and passionate ones.  I am not saying they can't be both or listen to the other, but a truly compatible couple may have one of each.  I know 4/5 couples had one of each in our small group.  Take these two scenarios and decide which one you may be:

One person is looking for a job, they know how much they will make and all the details but then base their decision on how they feel when they are there.  The warm butterfly feelings concept.

The other person, on the other hand, will do similar things but also add... Spread Sheets, pie charts, projective job potential graphs and a line chart to show rates of returns.  Now I made all that up, but you get the point, they are more logical.

My husband, Kyle, is the logical one in our relationship. That is why he racks his brain working on his second masters and this time in Business.  Now, I love a good statistic just like the next girl but sometimes when I look at his work, I know that I have met my match.  It's tough, that is for sure.

But as you can see from the picture, we may not be individually perfect but we are definitely perfect for each other!

This picture is the cover of our wedding album- Love it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As the Horses raced by Us...

We went to Steeplechase Atlanta, this past weekend and it was so much fun!  The hats, the dresses, the horses racing by us, what's not to love?!  This weekend was especially chilly so in other times during the day you could find us wrapped in blankets.  These are two of my really good friends, Andrea and Parisa.  We had such a good time hanging out and watching all the people.  I will tell you that the tents are all private and no one sells food at this event.  So bring your own appetizers and snacks! 

The horses did different types of races where they jumped over stuff and others where they were just going for speed.  They were fast too.  The jockeys were so little and cute.  The horses ran on grass, which was interesting to see.  I thought horses raced on clay, well not here it was grass all the way, and green lush grass at that.

But I will say everything is more fun with girl friends by your side.  A good friend will always have your back and you can be your self.  That is something I am so grateful for these days.  While marriage has been a huge blessing, my girl friends are still so important to me.  I value them and value our time together!!  I have the best of both worlds, with great girl friends and a loving husband who I respect and appreciate for all the hard work he does for us!

There was one point when Andrea and I had a moment and I knew we were soul sisters.  haha  She was in my wedding and I obviously made the right decision because she is a girl after my own heart!  It was so much fun bonding with them and just makes me so happy that I have nice people in my life, like them.

So I challenge you to thank the people in your life you are most grateful, and if someone is bringing you down, sometimes the best thing you can do is to cut ties with that person.  Having only positive people in your life is something I really think is important.  Life is too short to spend time with people that are bringing you down.  I have had to do it in the past and I am better for it.  I am not saying don't forgive the person, but that doesn't mean you have to keep letting them hurt you.  Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and know when to move on.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our trip to Mississippi

Last weekend we went to Mississippi for Elizabeth's wedding celebration to Nick.  It was such a beautiful reception with spring flowers and the most elegant wedding cake.  There was a great band and everyone was dancing the night away.  I got a chance to see my friend look the happiest I have ever seen her!  I am so happy for Elizabeth and her future together with Nick.  I hung out with some of my friends from college. 

The drive was long and I got kind of cranky, I'm not perfect.  We had a nice stop at the Golden Rule.  Best BBQ in Alabama!  I had some delicious turkey BBQ.  I will tell you gas has gone up and it gets expensive to travel in a truck!  At least Kyle's truck's tank holds a lot of gas. We listened to a lot of music.  We listened to some pod casts.  I slept most of the way back, Kyle did  really nice job driving.  I feel really safe when I'm with him.  I love my Kyle.

A couple weeks ago my brother's family came into town from Colorado and I had a good time visiting with them. I made my homemade lasagna and my mom brought a salad and cheese cake.  Kyle's parents were there and we had a really nice time playing with my niece and nephew.  They are so cute but look so different.  My brother is a great dad and Viki is an amazing mother.  Michelle lights up when she is with my brother and has my laugh.  That is my favorite part, the way she laughs.

Our just married small group is doing really well, and we have just started an imarriage series that Andy Stanley did a while back.  I really get a lot out of our small group and other small groups I've been in before this.  I do like our snacks and of course the fellowship and Christian topics we discuss and about scriptures. 

Well it's late I better wrap this up, take care!! Hello from Atlanta