Saturday, July 9, 2011

Transformers Transformed Toys

Legendary... Living the Dream
There is nothing I like more than a quiet night at the movies.  On the other hand, I love a good action suspense drama thriller like Transformers!   We went to see this new movie in 3D at an IMAX by our house and let me tell you nothing can compare.  It was quite the experience!!  (No Spoilers here)

The cast was enhanced and mostly the same, Meghan Fox was replaced by a sandy brown Victoria's Secret Model. Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky and they realize an event from Earth's path is affecting their future with the Transformers. 

For the Trailer you can click here

But Kyle and I were talking about the way the Transformer toys revolutionized the toy industry and especially the toy car industry.  The movie was based on the toys which I think is cool usually the movie comes first think Toy Story or any other children's show or movie for that matter.  It is cool.
Original Optimus Prime Transformer Toy

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