Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On the Water for the Fourth of July

On Captain Andrew's Boat for the Fourth of July
Nothing says American like being on a Boat for the Fourth of July!  Hanging out with some of my friends on the water is one of my favorite things!  Andrew was nice enough to invite a couple friends out to the lake and we enjoyed a full day of boating activities.  We were looking sharp in our swim suits and I must say it was a pretty good looking group!  All in all we had a pretty good time.

Any time I get to hang out with my husband Kyle I know I will have a great time!  It was a great day for sun and fun.  Considering how busy our schedules have been lately the time we do spend together is so special to me.  Kyle is working really hard on work and school and I know it must me difficult.  I respect him so much and love him to pieces.

The weather didn't last all day because it started to rain at the end of the day but it was nice most of the day.  Sunny and warm is my favorite kind of day.  It is too bad I didn't get to see fireworks on the Fourth but I saw some at the Braves game not too long ago!

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