Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not a Win Win

Tonight at my soccer game I got there early to warm up.  As I was practicing on the field and I was juggling.  You may remember my soccer ball that I blogged about a couple weeks ago.  It was a really nice Nike light blue soccer ball.  Well I was on my marry way warming up getting ready for our last game of the season, when I kicked the ball up and took a shot at the goal.  It went way over and I thought I saw where it went but when I went over to find it, it was no where to be found.

I lost my brand new soccer ball.  First loss.

Then it was unbearably hot at the fields at 6:30 and I was out of shape for the heat.  It was a relatively close game until about 10 minutes until the end of the game and 3 girl goals slipped in.  Girl goals count for 2.  Second loss.

Can't be a win win all the time!  Better luck next time!

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