Sunday, December 12, 2010

Northpoint Community Church's iBand

I love my church. I feel so blessed that I live in Atlanta and am able to attend every Sunday. I am lucky that they provide environments for people to develop growing relationships with Jesus Christ. This is their mission statement. I have been going to the Buckhead Church since the beginning of 2008, so almost 3 years. The Buckhead Church is part of the Northpoint Community Church Ministries with Andy Stanley as the main Pastor. This church has changed my life. I have made valuable friendships and it was through the 722 environment that I met my husband Kyle. I even was baptized, or baptisto, Latin for dipped, and washed clean in the Holy Spirit.

The thing I love about the Buckhead and Northpoint Church is that they are always doing neat new stuff and keeping people on their toes. So last week when church goers saw this new technology product music for worship they surely knew, this is not your typical church. This is different, this is fun, this is exciting, what can I expect next. I would just say, "Expect the unexpected, be prepared for something new." Then we get to hear Andy speak. I have been going to church my whole life but never really felt a connection, at any other church like I feel when I am at Buckhead Church. We drive about 30 miles to get to church but it is so worth it, every time.

Tonight Andy continued the series on Hope and how we are God's children and how He sent His Son to die for our sins so we could be redeemed. I met some cool people tonight: a young lady from NY who was invited by a friend and was there for the first time, and a group of young men from London who are in a Band together. Then I also saw a bunch of my friends. It was a great night as my mom wanted to come. This was a great event on it's own but when we were singing along to the worship, so was my mom. It made me really happy! She is feeling more comfortable there, and she really liked the lights. The way the white light shines during the worship service literally reminds me of Heaven opening it's doors to the world. Basically I feel God's presence while I am there and that is why I can never get enough and keep coming back for more.

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