Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidays Shopping Begins

Last weekend was insane. We had the famous Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving sale. I stayed up all night because the one place I wanted to go was Target and their Door Busters started at 4:00 am. I watched one of my favorite movies, Batman Begins to pass the time before I went to the store. Kyle had to go to bed, because he had school in the morning. I left the house at 3:30 am and arrived at 3:45 am. I must say I underestimated the people of my area and the Target was so packed. The line wrapped all the way down the shopping center strip and around the corner. I'd say there was over two thousand people there. When the doors opened, there were sounds of cheers from the front of the line. People were all rushing into the store. As soon as I walked through the sliding doors I noticed the shopping carts were all gone. They ran out of shopping carts!

Before I left I got a visual picture of where I was going as they had a Door Buster map, where they put regular items on sale in different places around the store. All of these items are strategically placed around store based on what they think people will buy who also want to buy the sale items. For example the TVs were in the men's clothing department. I went straight to the DVDs which were in the girl's department. I must say it is going to be a DVD Christmas. I bought so many DVDs. I got some really good deals. The DVDs were priced at $1.99, $3.99, $5.99, up to $16.99.

I almost didn't go because the weather was getting so bad. It was storming and raining cats and dogs! When I got there it was still raining and when I left 30 minutes later.

Earlier that day I went online and did some shopping at Crate and Barrel and Men's Warehouse. I basically by 4:30 am on Black Friday was done with all of my Holiday Shopping! I am really excited about being done.

Next up baking treats for a party this weekend and wrapping presents.

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