Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Pony UP" and "Keeping UP" the Perfect Summer UP DO!!!!

Trying to perfect "Pony Tail Poof"
Hey Everyone,
Jen Here!!  I hope you had a fabulous day!! I did.  It started the other day when I was reading a "hand-me-down" InStyle from the "Queen and Legend of all things Fashionable and Fabulous" AKA my mom, Dr. B!!!  Anyway, I use to not read magazines and such, but now all of a sudden I am a young adult and woman and I am suddenly very interested in every Fashion, Style and Celebrity I come across mainly because I can relate to them.  Some might say I have FINALLY become a target audience!  Well let me tell you the July Edition 2011 of the InStyle shaped this fabulously sexy UP-Do, and my mini shop-til-I-couldn't-hold-anymore Spree today.  I bought Bold Colors and fabulous summer dresses!  I bought things on the hangers that I just had to have for all the fun stuff I get into!  What can I say after reading my magazines I know How to Wear It and What Not to Wear, or at least I think I do ;)  Luckily for me, I don't have Joan Rivers turning me in for Fashion Police, if I mess up!! I guess I am kind of glad I kept out of being a celebrity for now :)  Maybe If I ever get my book off the ground I will get a little 5 minutes of fame,! We can always hope right?!?!?  So we practice our karaoke, practice for premiers, and events by just being ourselves here in the Big Atlanta, and hope some day to walk a true red carpet and someone will want to know where they have seen me from, and it won't be because I look like someone they think they know!! 

So I guess you figured me out, I would love to be famous in and across the Nation, but for now it is Most Certainly A Pipe Dream! I will just keep "Wishing, and Waiting, and After I do..." I think of something to try to get me there.  Until then it's here, signing out!!

P.S.  I Love you Atlanta and all my friends all over the world who keep up with ME!! and what we get into here back home.  I hope you stay safe and if you have anything I can specifically pray for you please send them my way, to:  (notice no g) or post to the blog directly if you feel led and everyone can pray for you. Please be respectful of people's privacy and don't use full names or names at all.  I am more and more in prayer these days and would love to use that power to help you or your loved ones!!!

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