Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Get a Hold of Yourself, Jennifer"

Warning Very Authentic:

This is what I felt inside of me.  I was going through a personal struggle.  It wasn't quite depression, but I was definitely down on myself...

A little back story on the last couple months:

I was feeling a little down for a few reasons and was having some trouble physically being motivated to get some things done.  I did get up and brush myself off but I wasn't satisfied.  Many people might be able to relate to this if they were unemployed or if it's winter or if it is raining.

I am the type of person who gets energized by other people.  So in a job where I was working from home, it wasn't exactly all I thought it would be. 

But luckily I have people who love me.  My loving compassionate husband did everything he could.  He loved me as Christ loved me.  He gave me the encouragement I needed and talked some sense into me.  He said if you are not happy then quit or talk to your boss.  Get another job.  But do what will make you happy.

I love the company and want to succeed, but the job I was in wasn't working.  So I talked to my boss and we thought it would be better if I worked on different assignments. 

Then the next step was to get a part time job where I could have a lot of personal interaction and do what I love, jewelry sales.  So this is how I got a hold of myself.  One step at a time I pieced my life back together, I started working out again, I brushed myself off, I put my best foot forward and took a stand.

So the moral of the story is there are ups and downs in life and now I am on my way back up!!

Seeing the light through the trees, or the "forest instead of just the tree"
Thanks for all the support you have given me and all of the encouragement through emails and love, I hope this entry inspires you to do what you need to do to get a hold of your life if you need to do it.  God loves you and hears your prayers!!! 


  1. Sounds like you're going to be a busy girl with 2 jobs! Good luck to you with balancing that.

  2. It is not easy to make a change in the direction of one's life. It think it is admirable that you reflected on what things weren't working and then stopped, and did something about it. You inspire others with your honesty and the way you appreciate those whogive you love and support. Keep up the positive energy. They say that exercising is always a fun and healthy way to take care off the mind and as well as your body.


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