Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Happy Struggle

I feel like there is a constant struggle to maintain "the happy." I want my blog to only have happy stuff on it. The truth is I am having a hard time only writing about happy stuff because to be quite honest there is other stuff going on that isn't so great. I feel like I am only giving my readers a partial picture of my life. So I'll start with the happy...

Kyle and I went on a road trip this past weekend to see a sorority sister from college get married! It was so beautiful! Lindsay married Eric in a big church in Madison Mississippi. The flowers were all pink and the the groomsman all wore black with white roses. Lindsay's hair was beautifully curled and had a gorgeous intricate beaded dress. Her head piece was a little longer than a shoulder length veil and we all had a great time on the dance floor. We ate delicacies like fried shrimp and fried mushrooms with an assortment of cheeses and veggies. The cake was covered in swirls similar to what mine will look like, and tasted delicious.

The other thing going on in my life right now that isn't so great is my mom is having trouble with her back. She is going to have to have major back surgery right after the wedding in September. But right now she is having some more trouble.

So that is a part of life, you can pray to God in Heaven that his grace will cover your sins and his mercy will take care of your loved ones when they are facing times of trouble. Then you think of things you can do, so you don't feel helpless in the happy struggle of living your life.

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