Thursday, July 1, 2010

Couldn't Do it

I couldn't do it. I texted and called people last weekend during my no technology weekend. Other people were using their phones and computers and I just got tempted.

We had a great time in Helen, GA! We ate some delicious food brought by every member of the small group. We each brought something, I bought the meat and hot dogs for grilling. We had s'mores! I tried building us a fire and it didn't happen because of all the rain. The first night there was a crazy thunder storm and literally the lightening bolts were coming down right next to us in our plush cabin!

The next day we went tubing and had so much fun. We tied up together 2-3 people tied up. It was so much fun! Then we went back to the cabin and watched the World Cup game USA vs. Ghana. It was a close game but Ghana pulled through and won, my friend Lauren made pigs in a blanket for the game... yummy. That night was when we grilled out and we even had tater tots. Then the s'mores... Are you seeing a delicious trend?

Then this week, when I got back I've been busy. I went to the Braves game with my Dad for Father's day that was what I got him. We had great seats in section 402 above home plate in the upper deck and we could see everything. I had hot dog, and I was looking forward to the boiled peanuts before the game but the lady said the fire went out! So we bought regular peanuts. I drank a ton of water as it was humid and really hot at the game, I also had Poweraid!

Then yesterday we had my Bridal portraits at the St. Regis in Buckhead. My photographer Lee Patterson is such an artist! His company Patterson Photography is the best, some of their clients include famous golfers and Baseball players! He took some of the most amazing shots! On the staircase, on the balcony looking at the chandelier. Then we look some sitting down lounging on an side room. I am so excited about the wedding and seeing these pictures developed! He is such a great guy and an amazing photographer!! I love my wedding dress and train! I felt like a princess!

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