Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Underdog...

Can be bullied, beaten, doubted, pushed aside, unloved, under appreciated, and abused by society.  Everyone likes a comeback story where the underdog gets the courage to prove them wrong.  When we look to the Lord for strength and comfort His grace will carry us through any situation.  This is why it is so important to have the Savior in your life, your corner, and in your heart!  When the people close to you are the ones bringing you down, it can feel like an even bigger challenge to overcome the adversity.

People don’t like different from what is considered “normal.”  If you are too unique in any way you can become subject to criticism.  If you are too pretty, too smart, too rich people can become jealous and ugly in their heart.   A lot of people can have trouble just being happy for someone.  It can almost be like they are waiting and wanting you to fail.  If a relationship starts to have trouble some people can be so quick to confirm that they thought it wouldn’t work out.  How awful is that?!  On the other side if you are unattractive, unintelligent or poor some people feel like they are better than you.  Then they will put you down to bring themselves up.  This is the worst.

Regardless of all these depressing options there is hope and good news.  Jesus came for everyone so that we may have a relationship with the Lord. He loves us no matter what happens, no matter what people think of us, or what situation we may be in at the moment.  So be you, be extraordinary, and be different.  God loves you and accepts you the way you are.  Don’t spend one second listening to your critics if you are trying to pursue your goals and they are trying to bring you down. Don’t listen to them if they doubt your future success.  Who is to say what the Lord is capable of within His plan for your life?  If God’s answer to your prayers is “Yes,” who then should tell you “No?!?!?” 

We should then only take our cues from the Lord above. Until his answer is clear, keep pursuing your goals.  Don’t listen to your bullies or abusers.  Be strong and know, through God all things are possible.  If you have gifts and blessings from the Lord Almighty don’t feel guilty or ashamed.  Use the gifts for good and enjoy the season of peace.  There will be tough times so you will need to be rested so you will have the strength to persevere!  Have confidence in your own self-worth through God.  This is the key to satisfaction in self.

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