Sunday, May 6, 2012

The most important thing in life...

The most important relationships in my life, in this order are the ones with: the Lord, my husband, my family, and my friends.  How fortunate are the people that are able to develop healthy relationships with all three.  If you ask me on any given day which I would rather have a good professional life or a good personal life?  I would tell you healthy personal life wins every time. 

From healthy relationships everything else starts to make sense.  The people in your life have the biggest impact on you.  Andy Stanley talked today about the people that love you and the people that hurt you.  The story of my life and the people in it, this is what has shaped me today.  The Lord has blessed me with incredible people who have poured love into me, because of this I have been able to pour love into other people. 

If you know love, you show love. Having love in your heart and in your soul, there is nothing that can beat that.  Through love you can overcome any obstacle.  I am a big believer that you grow.  You can grow stronger, you can evolve into something different. Through the loving pivotal relationships in your life you will feel the comfort.  Love can comfort you even in the most difficult circumstances.  If you have love it gives you strength.  Love will lift you when you can't lift your own spirit. 

The good news is Jesus Christ.  His love is perfect and sustaining.  The love of Jesus will comfort your soul when you feel uneasy.  If you let Jesus into your heart he will give you guidance.  This is exactly where he wants to be... in you.  He wants to be a part of you.  He wants you to have the closeness to feel his will and not make you go so far to get good advice.  Being in the word of the Bible will reveal to you the way Jesus loves and how we should love others.  When we love others we can provide the comfort Jesus gives us. 

We all are desperate for this love.  When people don't look to Jesus sometimes people look the other way and go into a dark place.  The thing to remember is Jesus is so big he can pull you out of the darkest place and he will fight for you.  He will fight to be in your life and all we have to do is ask him to come into our hearts.  He won't barge in, but he will be there with you.  Even through periods where he is silent or the answer to your prayers are "No."  It never, ever means he isn't listening or is not there.  He is always there.  He voice may not seem very loud if you are not listening but the whisper gets louder as you are more open to his will for your life.  The quieter you are the louder his voice will become. So, quiet your spirit and God's voice will lead your path.

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