Monday, June 14, 2010

"This is Her Story" By Amethyst in Collaboration with Jen

The pages from her well - worn journals serve to symbolize the major stories of her life. Occasionally she shares these stories with others, but mainly they provide her with a place to process her thoughts and feelings. In high school she was told that she wasn’t a good writer and that she had too many comma splices. Yet, she refused to buy into that notion. She refused to be bogged down by endless grammar rules and she refused to let the dull process of writing five paragraph essays strip her of her passion for writing.
Instead, she began to realize that her journal was a place where she could simply write for herself and with that came a form of liberation. She knew that her journal was hers and hers alone. As a result, it needed to consist of nothing more than her thoughts and her feelings. Her writing also began to show her that every person has a story and that every person is unique. She also came to realize that one person can never quite know what another person is going through. She knows this to be true because one of her major stories includes a dramatic shift in her own life that sent her on a path she never saw coming.

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