Friday, September 10, 2010

Unpacking and New Married Life

So to wrap up the honeymoon and easy into this new life I have, it has been some adjusting an getting use to being married. The clip here is from the honeymoon and there were so many sea-lions just chillin on these rock buffer into the cove of Monterey. This was probably the best part about the glass bottom boat tour!! Check it out, the lady's voice in the video is awesome, love that accent!

I finally finished unwrapping all the presents from the wedding and from before the wedding. I am well on my way with the custom ordered thank you notes writing to tell our friends how much I love every present! Kyle and I put up three shelves in our red kitchen to put glasses, bowls and vases on... let's hope there aren't any earthquakes in Atlanta! I wanted to design an open shelving space that would compliment the room and let it feel open. This weekend we are having another garage sale. Last weekend being Labor Day we didn't have much of a turn out and we still have a bunch of stuff left. What ever we don't sell is going to Good Will. It is nice to be home and I am getting into a routine. Without having a job I feel like a stay at home wife! I take care of the dogs, make delicious dinners most nights clean up the town house. I just take care of two vizsla dogs instead of kids! To be fair I had three interviews over the last couple weeks and I am waiting to hear back from two of them.

I love being married to Kyle, there is a sense of security and comfort and I feel so loved and desired. It is really nice and we have a lot of mutual respect for one another. I love our community we live in and our gorgeous town house. I feel very blessed, especially since my wedding felt like a fairy tale with me marrying my prince!

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