Monday, September 20, 2010

Meaningless, Meaningless Life?! I think not...

If live is only about what we accumulate and acquire in life, it would all be meaningless. Everything we have in our life will be given to someone else or thrown away. Nothing tangible will last. Our actions and words will be remembered in the everlasting life. How we conduct ourselves in the day to day will matter when we are judged before the Heavenly Father above the sun.

My uncle passed away recently and I was very distraught. My husband and my father both were telling me the same thing. Remember how kind and loving he was, remember him at his best. But there is nothing we can do to change the fact that he is gone forever. Gone for good. My uncle Ronnie was the very best kind of man. The kind of man single woman wish they could marry and the kind of dad some kids only dreamed about. He is survived by three children, my cousins. How hard it must be to have to grow up without a father. My heart and prayers goes out to my cousins. I loved Ronnie.

But in the end the sun will rise and the sun will fall. The moon keeps spinning and the earth keeps turning. The Lord will be feared and his commandments will be kept, because in the end the life eternal is all that is important. How we live our lives is what matters. The things and the money come and go, but a faithful servant will be rewarded with eternal life.

Thank you to The Buckhead Church for a great message that helped in my mourning this weekend

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your post, Jennifer. Remember, it is not just that you "loved" Uncle Ronnie, you still do. We can continue to love our loved ones once they have passed on. Their spirits are always in our minds and hearts. God bless, Michele


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