Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7. Simple Tricks to Losing Weight

Well, after exactly a year and 10-12 lbs of happy eating and marriage, I finally was able to lose 5 lbs.  It happened so easily once I really applied myself to doing the right things.  If you want to know my tricks, and common things I have heard for people wanting to lose weight here is what I did:

Myrtle Beach, SC 2011
1. Walk 30+ minutes a day
2. Eat more fish and lean protein
3. Eat low carbohydrate vegetables and fruits with dinner and as snacks
4. Eat yogurt (I like Activia's vanilla)
5. Drink a lot more water (trying for 80 oz a day)
6. Switch from sandwiches to salads at lunch (2 tbsp or less dressing)
7. Start using portion control and counting calories

That was the difference and I am already seeing big results and people are noticing!

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