Thursday, April 21, 2011

I just want to be the Only Girl you Love "All Your Life" The Band Perry

This "Band" (Perry) is certainly going places. Named ACM's New Artist of the Year, they certainly deserved it, Touring with Mr. Tim McGraw himself=Legendary... For those of you that remember that is the Same Way Taylor Swift got her start. With her Song, "Tim McGraw" then she herself toured with him.  She said in and E! interview on the documentary on her life that "He and Faith sat me down and said what are your dreams what do you want to do?"  They also told her that it is her music and not to let anyone, ANYONE take that away from her!  I just love Tim and Faith,  with their three girls, I bet they have Daddy, country legend Tim McGraw wrapped around their four fingers, if you include Ms. Faith Hill.  I just grew up listening to Tim, and Faith, Garth, LeeAnn, and my old favorite Shainia Twain!

The future of country music is now Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Munford and Sons (folk), Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and hopefully LeAnn Rimes and Martina McBride, Pat Green, Randy Rogers, Tim McGraw, and Faith will still continue to make beautiful music.

Sorry, kind of a tangent.  I dedicate this post to my loving, sweet, handsome husband Kyle, who I hope will love me all his life!  This song is so sweet and means so much to me.  You might have remembered this Band Perry from all there recent success or my humble blog entry when I posted "If I die Young."  It seems like I found out about this band right before they took off, maybe my post helped send them to super stardom, or NOT!! hahaha gotcha!

Picture by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
provided by That Nashville Sound

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